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This species is accepted, and its native range is Ethiopia to Limpopo, W. Indian Ocean, Tropical & Subtropical Asia to W. Pacific.

Native to:

Caroline Is., Chatham Is., China South-Central, China Southeast, Comoros, Cook Is., Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Jawa, Kenya, Kermadec Is., Lesser Sunda Is., Madagascar, Malawi, Malaya, Mozambique, New Caledonia, New South Wales, New Zealand North, Norfolk Is., Northern Provinces, Northern Territory, Philippines, Queensland, Society Is., South Australia, Sri Lanka, Sulawesi, Taiwan, Tanzania, Tonga, Tuamotu, Tubuai Is., Vanuatu, Victoria, Western Australia, Zimbabwe

Introduced into:

Alabama, Azores, Canary Is., Cape Provinces, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, KwaZulu-Natal, Louisiana, Madeira

Adiantum hispidulum Sw. appears in other Kew resources:

Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
Mar 1, 2004 Schmutz, E. [6151pp], Indonesia K000507201
Jan 1, 1987 Iversen, S.T. [87482], Tanzania K000571638
May 16, 1986 Afriastini, J.J. [1596A], Indonesia K000507202
Jan 1, 1974 Braithwaite, A.F. [2562], Vanuatu K000896048
Jan 1, 1974 Braithwaite, A.F. [2561], Vanuatu K000896043
Jan 1, 1974 Braithwaite, A.F. [2177], Vanuatu K000896044
Nov 1, 1957 Forman, L.L. [120], Indonesia K000507194
Jan 1, 1945 Eyma, P.J. [398], Indonesia K000507206
Mar 1, 1939 Steenis, C.G.G.J. van [9399], Indonesia K000507200
Jan 1, 1930 Franc, I. [618], New Caledonia K000896181
Jan 1, 1927 Backer, C.A. [111], Indonesia K000507199
Jan 2, 1923 Bakhuizen van den Brink Jr., R.C. [2110], Indonesia K000507196
Sep 9, 1913 Daubenberger, I. [20], Tanzania K000571636
Nov 10, 1911 Franc, I. [364], New Caledonia K000896189
Kairo, A. [511], Papua New Guinea K000519185
Johns, R.J. [8415], Papua New Guinea K000519186
Johns, R.J. [8417], Papua New Guinea K000519187
Croft, J.R. [573], Papua New Guinea K000519188
Woodhams, J.R. [149], Papua New Guinea K000519189
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Indonesia K000507197
Anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000507198
Kostermans, A.J.G.H. [s.n.], Indonesia K000507204
Kuswata [189], Indonesia K000507205
Afriastini, J.J. [562], Indonesia K000507191
Matthew, C.G. [15], Indonesia K000507211
Matthew, C.G. [16], Indonesia K000507192
Webb, P.B. [s.n.], Indonesia K000507210
Copeland, E.B. [120], Philippines K000507555
Copeland, E.B. [1390], Philippines K000507559
Vanoverbergh, M. [1652E], Philippines K000507560
Faden, R.B. [70/125], Kenya K000571530
Gardner, H.M. [3151], Kenya K000571626
Archbold, M.E. [382], Tanzania K000571631
Richards, H.M. [18161], Tanzania K000571637
Degener, O. [19573], USA K000855522
Degener, O. [19573], USA K000855523
Hecht, A. [s.n.], Cook Is. K000855529
Soakai, E. [860], Samoa K000888104
Crosby, C.S. [286], Samoa K000888105
Milne, W.G. [405], Fiji K000896196
Seemann, B. [802], Fiji K000896209
Pancher, I. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896066
Franc, I. [744], New Caledonia K000896068
Franc, G. [744], New Caledonia K000896069
Franc, I. [678], New Caledonia K000896071
Buchholz, J.T. [1050], New Caledonia K000896087
McKee, H.S. [P8913], New Caledonia K000896184
MacGillivray, J. [887bis], Vanuatu K000855531
Braithwaite, A.F. [2561], Vanuatu K000896042
Vaughan, J.H. [3207], Fiji K000896213
Parks, H.E. [20519], Fiji K000896208
Vieillard, E. [1543], New Caledonia K000896089
Benguinan, P. [37], Papua New Guinea K000519191
Schlechter, R. [14994], New Caledonia K000896085
Franc, G. [364], New Caledonia K000896187
Hinds [s.n.], French Polynesia K000896082
Moseley, H.N. [s.n.], French Polynesia K000896047
Deplanche [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896080
Faden, R.B. [69/2108], Kenya K000571629
Johns, R.J. [9999], Papua New Guinea K000519190
Franc, I. [744], New Caledonia K000896067
Franc, I. [13A], New Caledonia K000896052
Franc, I. [13(2)], New Caledonia K000896059
Milne, W.G. [96], Fiji K000896195
Caldwell, E. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896075
Milne, W.G. [148], Fiji K000896197
Thurn, E. im [97], Fiji K000896202
Balansa [48], New Caledonia K000896062
Smith, A.C. [6030], Fiji K000896206
McKee, H.S. [14142], New Caledonia K000896183
Veitch, J.G. [s.n.], Vanuatu K000896046
Hosaka, E.Y. [2099], USA K000855527
Degener, O. [32369], USA K000855524
Koroiveibau, D. [14830], Fiji K000896214
Franc, I. [1448], New Caledonia K000896074
Faden, R.B. [69/809], Kenya K000571630
Damel [s.n.], Fiji K000896193
Degener, O. [14994], Fiji K000896207
Lye, K.A. [6328], Kenya K000571532
Powell, T. [171], Samoa K000896191
Milne, W.G. [193], New Caledonia K000896078
Hoffmannsegg [s.n.], Indonesia K000507209
Franc, G. [1448], New Caledonia K000896073
Peter, A. [11964], Tanzania K000571639
Faden, R.B. [74/347], Tanzania K000571641
Franc, I. [1448], New Caledonia K000896056
Birkenhead, W. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896064
Braithwaite, A.F. [2177], Vanuatu K000896041
Franc, I. [678], New Caledonia K000896188
Mousset, J.P. [132], Indonesia K000507190
Labillaudière [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896051
Baumann-Bodenheim, M.G. [12095], New Caledonia K000896050
Peter, A. [11717], Tanzania K000571644
Franc, I. [678], New Caledonia K000896186
Tanner, R.E.S. [2486], Tanzania K000571640
McGillivray, J. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896179
Baumann-Bodenheim, M.G. [5327], New Caledonia K000896049
Smith, A.C. [6608], Fiji K000896212
Franc, I. [744], New Caledonia K000896057
Smith, E. [2323], Indonesia K000507207
Deplanche [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896065
Sinclair, A. [s.n.] K000855530
Cairns [s.n.], Fiji K000896199
Gibbs, L.S. [776], Fiji K000896200
Last, G.J. [3/1885], Tanzania K000571647
Elmer, A.D.E. [8471], Philippines K000507554
Buchanan, J. [13], Tanzania K000571635
Verdcourt, B. [37], Tanzania K000571642
Pancher, I. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896063
Gardner, H.M. [3151], Kenya K000571627
Elmer, A.D.E. [6974], Philippines K000507558
Dowson, W.J. [252], Kenya K000571628
Rosenstock, E. [73], New Caledonia K000896182
McKee, H.S. [6472], New Caledonia K000896185
Balansa [2688a], New Caledonia K000896081
Daubenberger, I. [22], Tanzania K000571633
Ridley, H.N. [s.n.], Indonesia K000507195
Webb, P.B. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896083
Leighton-Reed, W.T. [s.n.], Tanzania K000571634
Anonymous [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896084
MacGillivray, J. [737], New Caledonia K000896192
McKee, H.S. [16648], New Caledonia K000896054
Dilmy, A. [965], Indonesia K000507203
Milne, W.G. [326], Vanuatu K000896045
Haarmer, A.E. [1898], Tanzania K000571645
Degener, O. [25101], USA K000855528
Franc, I. [1466], New Caledonia K000896055
Surbeck, H. [792], Indonesia K000507193
Pancher, I. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896070
Degener, O. [20253], USA K000855526
Merrill, E.D. [3256], Philippines K000507556
Franc, I. [364], New Caledonia K000896053
Degener, O. [19573], USA K000855525
Webb, P.B. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896077
Franc, I. [1448], New Caledonia K000896061
Smith, E. [2325], Indonesia K000507208
Thurn, E. im [70], Fiji K000896201
Horne, J. [s.n.], Fiji K000896210
Degener, O. [13630], Fiji K000896215
Bigger, M. [16010], Tanzania K000571632
Whitford, H.N. [1163], Philippines K000507557
Parks, H.E. [22128], Cook Is. K000896204
Thurn, E. im [70], Fiji K000896203
Haarmer, A.E. [1898], Tanzania K000571646
Harvey, W.H. [s.n.], Fiji K000896194
Franc, I. [1436], New Caledonia K000896060
Mackay, H.G. [s.n.], New Caledonia K000896079
Buchholz, J.T. [1294], New Caledonia K000896088
Franc, I. [364], New Caledonia K000896072
Oteke, J. [22], Kenya K000571531
St. John, H. [18081], Fiji K000896211
Milne, W.G. [199], Fiji K000896198
Gillespie, J.W. [3183], Fiji K000896205
Peter, A. [8736], Tanzania K000571643
Cribs [425], New Caledonia K000896086
Wallich, N. [Cat. no. 79], Mauritius Adiantum scabrum K001109199

First published in J. Bot. (Schrader) 1800(2): 82 (1801)

Accepted by

  • Allan, H.A. (1961). Flora of New Zealand 1: 1-1085. Botany division, D.S.I.R., Christchurch.
  • Fraser-Jenkins, C.R. & al. (2017). An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes 1: 1-562. Dehra Dun : BSMPS.
  • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.


Kew Backbone Distributions

  • Allan, H.A. (1961). Flora of New Zealand 1: 1-1085. Botany division, D.S.I.R., Christchurch.

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