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  1. Family: Aspleniaceae Newman
    1. Genus: Asplenium L.
      1. Asplenium salignum Blume

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Myanmar to W. Malesia.


    Native to:

    Jawa, Lesser Sunda Is., Malaya, Myanmar, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Thailand


    Other Data

    Asplenium salignum Blume appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Jun 7, 1994 Edwards, P.J. [3554], Peninsular Malaysia K000665098
    Jan 1, 1991 Burley, J.S. [2444], Indonesia K000429591
    Jan 1, 1991 Burley, J.S. [2444], Indonesia K000429592
    May 21, 1982 Shea, G. [SAN76859], Malaysia K000429792
    Aug 1, 1970 Paul [S27529], Malaysia K000429778
    Feb 3, 1965 Norris, W. [s.n.], Malaysia K000428744
    Jan 1, 1910 Fleischer, M. [s.n.], Indonesia K000646263
    Comber, H.F. [4196], Malaysia K000429786
    Comber, H.F. [4196], Malaysia K000429787
    Comber, H.F. [4196], Malaysia K000429788
    Comber, H.F. [4196], Malaysia K000429789
    Comber, H.F. [4196], Malaysia K000429790
    Henderson, M.R. [SFN25207], Malaysia K000428761
    Holttum, R.E. [SFN9852], Malaysia K000428767
    Edwards, P.J. [2128], Malaysia K000429779
    Edwards, P.J. [2128], Malaysia K000429780
    Edwards, P.J. [2128], Malaysia K000429781
    Edwards, P.J. [2128], Malaysia K000429782
    Edwards, P.J. [2128], Malaysia K000429783
    Parris, B.S. [11415], Malaysia K000429767
    Parris, B.S. [8907], Malaysia K000429768
    Parris, B.S. [9017], Malaysia K000429784
    Parris, B.S. [8952], Malaysia K000429791
    Parris, B.S. [8907], Malaysia K000429769
    Parris, B.S. [8907], Malaysia K000429770
    Parris, B.S. [8907], Malaysia K000429771
    Parris, B.S. [9017], Malaysia K000429785
    Parris, B.S. [7068], Malaysia K000429772
    Parris, B.S. [10765], Malaysia K000429766
    Parris, B.S. [10452], Malaysia K000428759
    Dransfield, J. [2120], Indonesia K000429598
    Kiew, R. [1369], Malaysia K000428758
    Kiew, R. [1367], Malaysia K000428760
    Kiew, R. [1460], Malaysia K000428757
    Endert, F.H. [5214], Indonesia K000429593
    Brooks, C.J. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429776
    James [S34406], Malaysia K000429601
    Matthew, C.G. [710], Indonesia K000429796
    Matthew, C.G. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429797
    Matthew, C.G. [685], Indonesia K000429572
    Matthew, C.G. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429587
    Matthew, C.G. [2], Indonesia K000429589
    Matthew, C.G. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429590
    Gamble, J.S. [2568], Indonesia K000429582
    Dilmy, A. [1011], Indonesia K000429588
    Creagh, C.M.G. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429599
    Zollinger, H. [2106], Indonesia K000429575
    Zollinger, H. [2106], Indonesia K000429576
    Hose, C. [184], Malaysia K000429600
    Hose, C. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429775
    Hancock, W. [24], Indonesia K000429585
    Scortechini, B. [s.n.], Malaysia K000428769
    Wilde, W.J.J.O. de [18177], Indonesia K000429573
    Sinclair, A. [s.n.], Malaysia K000428770
    Kato, M. [C4490], Indonesia K000429794
    Kato, M. [B5335], Indonesia K000429604
    Kato, M. [B8319], Indonesia K000429597
    Kato, M. [B11633], Indonesia K000429603
    Kato, M. [C4490], Indonesia K000429795
    Kato, M. [B3813], Indonesia K000429595
    Kato, M. [B8319], Indonesia K000429596
    Kato, M. [B11633], Indonesia K000429602
    Vriese, W.H. de [564], Indonesia K000429586
    Hose, G.F. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429777
    UNESCO Limestone Expedition [586], Malaysia K000428747
    Joncheere, G.J. de [1708], Indonesia K000429793
    Genderen Stort, P. van [446], Indonesia K000429594
    Raciborski, M. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429580
    Pinwill, W.S.C. [s.n.], Malaysia K000428768
    Mousset, J.P. [48], Indonesia K000429584
    Mohidin [S21620], Malaysia K000429773
    Donk, M.A. [20], Indonesia K000429583
    Fleischer, M. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429579
    Kurz, W.S. [s.n.], Indonesia K000429578
    [Ridley, H.N.] [11667], Malaysia K000428771
    anonymous [s.n.], Indonesia K000429581
    Buijsman, M. [88], Indonesia K000429574
    UNESCO Limestone Expedition 1962 [256], Malaysia K000428745
    UNESCO Limestone Expedition 1962 [586], Malaysia K000428746
    Oxford University Sarawak Expedition. [s.n.], Malaysia K000429774


    First published in Enum. Pl. Javae 2: 175 (1828)

    Accepted by

    • Roskov Y. & al. (eds.) (2018). World Ferns: Checklist of Ferns and Lycophytes of the World Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands.


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