1. Family: Araceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Philodendron Schott
      1. Philodendron pogonocaule Madison

        This species is accepted, and its native range is S. Colombia to Ecuador.


    CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011. araceae.e-monocot.org

    Premontane wet forest, Tropical dry forest, Premontane moist forest, and Tropical moist forest.
    General Description
    Appressed climbing epiphyte or terrestrial (or hemiepiphyte?) large vine to 1.5m high; stem ca. 1 m long; internodes short, longer than broad, 2–6 cm diam., 3–4 cm long on older stem, 6–10 cm long on branches, medium to dark green, semiglossy, becoming brown with short raised striations, becoming closely transverse-fissured; cataphylls pinkish to medium to dark green, soon dark red-brown, reddish at base, terete and unribbed when young to sharply D-shaped with 2 ribs when adult, glossy, semi-intact, marcescent then persistent in dense abundant mass, the fibers pale. LEAVES with petioles 45–90 cm long, 1.8 cm diam. midway, 1.3 cm diam. at apex, terete to obtusely flattened adaxially, margin acute and weakly erect, medium to dark green conspicuously pale-streaked, finely striate (but not raised), matte to semiglossy, 3-ribbed adaxially, medial rib obtuse; blades ovate, 34–62 cm long, 22–46 cm wide, about 1.5 times longer than wide, deeply sagittate lobed at base, caudate at apex, semiglossy, subcoriaceous, dark green above, moderately bicolorous, yellow-green, moderately glossy and paler below anterior lobe 25–55 cm long, posterior lobe 9–20 cm long, 8–19 cm wide; midrib flat or weakly sunken or raised and scarcely to moderately paler, broadly sulcate above; acute to convex and darker, sometimes paler below; primary lateral veins 7 to 9 pairs, veins quilted, obtusely and conspicuously sunken above, convex, matte and much darker below, arising acutely to 45–60° angle; minor veins moderately obscure, fine and close, semiglossy; basal veins 6–8, 1–2 free to base, 3 almost free, 5-6 fused at ca. 2 cm., others fused close to base, posterior rib naked to 2–5.5 cm; peduncle white to medium green, finely pale white-striate throughout, whitish-streaked outside, 19-26 cm long, to 1.8 cm diam.; spathe 7.5–23 cm long, 1–4 cm diam. on dried specimen, pink to violet (or maroon) to red or reddish-brown on inside and pink or white or greenish on back, maroon on front, on outside, sometimes with longitudinal violet strips, sometimes streaked pale green at base; peduncle pale green, coarsely striate; spathe tube dark green outside, pale green pre-anthesis, pale greenish white and glossy inside at anthesis, tan or creamy brown to greenish white inside post-anthesis, blade white on both surfaces; spadix 10–15 cm long, pistillate female portion 2.3–7 cm long, to 3 cm diam., pale green in early fruit, or creamy white; staminate spadix creamy white, male portion 7–8.5 cm long, ca. 1 cm dia, sterile part 1–2 cm long, ca. 1 cm diam, female flowers dark green; male flowers white. INFRUCTESCENCE not seen; INFLORESCENCES 1–6 per axil, erect.
    Philodendron pogonocaule Madison ranges from southern Colombia (Narino) to northern and central Ecuador (Pinchincha, Emeraldas, Los Rios, Cotopaxi, and Manabíi).

    Bernal, R., Gradstein, S.R. & Celis, M. (eds.). 2015. Catálogo de plantas y líquenes de Colombia. Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá. http://catalogoplantasdecolombia.unal.edu.co

    Nativa en Colombia; Alt. 1800 m.
    No Evaluada


    Native to:

    Colombia, Ecuador

    Philodendron pogonocaule Madison appears in other Kew resources:

    First published in Selbyana 2: 23 (1977)

    Accepted by

    • Govaerts, R. & Frodin, D.G. (2002). World Checklist and Bibliography of Araceae (and Acoraceae): 1-560. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


    CATE Araceae
    • Croat, T.B. & Wolfersberger, D. 2007.


    CATE Araceae
    Haigh, A., Clark, B., Reynolds, L., Mayo, S.J., Croat, T.B., Lay, L., Boyce, P.C., Mora, M., Bogner, J., Sellaro, M., Wong, S.Y., Kostelac, C., Grayum, M.H., Keating, R.C., Ruckert, G., Naylor, M.F. and Hay, A., CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.

    Catálogo de Plantas y Líquenes de Colombia

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