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  1. Family: Araceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Philodendron Schott
      1. Philodendron buntingianum Croat

        This species is accepted, and its native range is NW. Venezuela.


    CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.

    General Description
    Epipetric vine; internodes 2-6 cm long, 1-1.8 cm diam, green soon turning gray-green, somewhat flattened on one side, drying light brown and deeply fissured longitudinally with sharp ridges, the epidermis thin, often cracking loose; cataphylls green, 14-17 cm long, sharply 2-ribbed, soon deciduous. LEAVES with petioles 12-22 cm long, 1-1.5 cm diam., spongy, terete to obtusely flattened adaxially or sometimes with a faint, medial sulcus (Liesner & Cuariglia 11526), drying blackened with an even darker black ring around apex of petiole; blades moderately thin, ovate-elliptic to elliptic-oblanceolate, 24-45 cm long, 8-14 cm wide, broadest at or above the.middle, drying usually blackened, long-acuminate at apex, gradually narrowed in the lower one-fourth and subcordate at the base, the lobes rounded, extending 1-3 cm below the apex of the sinus, the latter acutely to obtusely V-shaped; both surfaces semi-glossy, dark green above, slightly paler beneath; midrib broadly convex above, more prominently raised beneath; primary lateral veins 8-10 pairs, arising at 55-65° angle, almost straight to the margins, sunken above, raised beneath; minor veins distinct beneath, all major veins usually drying black, darker than the surface. INFLORESCENCES 1-2 per axil; peduncles 7-13 cm long, slightly shorter than or longer than the spathe; spathe 12.5-14 cm long, greenish (all seen post-anthesis), not abruptly constricted, but narrowing gradually aboutmidway; spathe tube ca. 6 cm long, oblong-ellipsoid, spathe blade abruptly acuminate; spadix 0.5 cm shorter than the spathe; pistillate portion ca. 6-7 cm long, 1.2 cm diam. at anthesis, to 7 cm long, 3.5 cm diam. in fruit; pistils (dried) 1.5 mm long, the stigma button-shaped with small pit-like depressions in a small circle at the center, subtended by an irregularly shaped, 4-5 lobed apron 0.7-1.4 mm diam.; sterile staminate section 4-5 mm long, ca. 5 mm wide; fertile staminate portion more or less cylindroid, gradually tapered to its broadest point about midway on the spadix, (3)5-7 cm long, ca. 9 mm diam., bluntly tapered to the apex. INFRUCTESCENCE not seen.
    Known only from Venezuela in the Cordillera de Merida ranging from Merida to Tachira.



    Native to:


    Other Data

    Philodendron buntingianum Croat appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Croat, T.B. [60727], Venezuela K000434621 isotype
    Croat, T.B. [60727], Venezuela K000434622 isotype


    First published in Aroideana 9: 89 (1986)

    Accepted by

    • Hokche, O., Berry, P.E. & Huber, O. (eds.) (2008). Nuevo Catálogo de la Flora Vascular de Venezuela: 1-859. Fundación Instituto Botánico de Venezuela.
    • Govaerts, R. & Frodin, D.G. (2002). World Checklist and Bibliography of Araceae (and Acoraceae): 1-560. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


    CATE Araceae
    Haigh, A., Clark, B., Reynolds, L., Mayo, S.J., Croat, T.B., Lay, L., Boyce, P.C., Mora, M., Bogner, J., Sellaro, M., Wong, S.Y., Kostelac, C., Grayum, M.H., Keating, R.C., Ruckert, G., Naylor, M.F. and Hay, A., CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.

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