1. Hymenophyllaceae Mart.

    1. This family is accepted.


Hymenophyllaceae, Henk Beentje. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 2008

Epiphytic, lithophytic or terrestrial ferns of medium to small size.
Rhizome usually creeping, seldom erect, bearing hairs
Stipe terete, not articulated, often with a single leaf trace.
Leaf lamina
Lamina simple to pinnately compound to irregularly divided; segments single-veined, lamina usually a single cell thick, lacking stomata.
Leaf veins
Veins free or joining to form a submarginal vein; false veins, unconnected with the real ones, sometimes present
Sori terminal on veins, solitary at apex of terminal segments or marginal on simple to pinnatifid fronds; involucre cup-shaped to deeply 2-cleft; sporangia shortstalked to (sub-)sessile, maturing basipetally and carried on receptacles terminating a vein, these short, capitate or clavate to long and exserted; annulus oblique, not interrupted; dehiscence irregular
Spores globose-trilete, tetrahedral, containing chloroplasts, usually short-lived.
The family is most diverse in the mossy montane forests of the tropics and south-temperate areas.
Here I follow the recent treatment by A. Ebihara, J.-Y. Dubuisson, K. Iwatsuki, S. Hennequin & M. Ito in Blumea 51, 2: 221–280 (2006), which is based on a worldwide revision based on molecular data, and which is an approach which tries to recognise natural (monophyletic) as well as morphologically recognizable groups. This supersedes the slightly older work by Iwatsuki in Families & genera of vascular plants 1: 157–163 (1990), taken up in recent Floras such as Flora of Australia 48 (1998) and by Roux in Conspectus of southern African Pteridophyta (2001). 600 species in either two genera ( Trichomanes and Hymenophyllum) or into various more ‘natural’ genera.

Hymenophyllaceae, A.H.G Alston. Flora of West Tropical Africa. 1959

Delicate herbs with short, erect or slender wide–creeping protostelic rhizomes, with hairs on young parts
Roots often wanting and replaced by root hairs arising direct from the rhizome or lamina


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First published in Consp. Regn. Veg. [Martius] 3. 1835 [Sep-Oct 1835] , as 'Hymenophylleae' (1835)


Flora of Tropical East Africa
Flora of Tropical East Africa

Flora of West Tropical Africa
Flora of West Tropical Africa

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