1. Family: Orchidaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Ophrys L.
      1. Ophrys sphegodes Mill.

        This species is accepted, and its native range is W. & S. Europe to N. Iran.


    From southern England across central and southern Europe and the Levant to the Caucasus and northern Iran. [Aeg, Alb, Aus, Bal, Bel, Bul, Cor, Cre, Cze, Eng, Fra, Ger, Gre, Hun, Lux, Ita, Mal, Por, Rum, Rus, Sar, Sic, Spa, Swi, Tur, Ukr, Yug; Ana, Cyp, Isr]


    Dry to moist soil in full sunlight to light shade, from sea level to 1400 m altitude. Typical habitats include garrigue, roadside slopes, open woods, grassland and pesticide-free olive groves on calcareous as well as slightly acid ground.

    General Description

    Plant slender, (10-)15-60(-70) cm tall with 2-12(-18) flowers in a lax to dense spike. Sepals pale green to yellowish green, (olive-)green, white or purplish violet (the lateral ones sometimes distinctly bicoloured with the mid-vein constituting a boundary), now and then suffused with violet to purplish brown, ovate to elliptic or (ob)lanceolate-oblong, 7-19 × (2-)3-9 mm; dorsal sepal nearly flat (less often shallowly boat-shaped), more or less incurved, from the base reflexed. Petals (ochre-)yellow to olive-green or pale green (often suffused with red to brown) or bright purplish violet to ruby, linear-lanceolate to oblong or (ovate-)triangular with flat to strongly wavy margins, 4-13 × 1.5-7 mm, glabrous to pubescent, recurved to spreading. Lip with (blackish, reddish or purplish) brown ground colour and often a light brown to yellow or yellowish green, less frequently reddish brown margin, straight, nearly flat or with more or less recurved sides, entire or slightly to moderately (rarely deeply) three-lobed close to the middle, 5-18(-20) × 7-18 mm, (sub)glabrous to strongly shaggy along the margin (often more hairy towards the base), otherwise (sub)glabrous; bulges weakly developed to obliquely conical (sometimes absent), distinctly isolated from the margin of the lip (side lobes flat, if present); front edge obtuse to emarginate, usually provided with a short, porrect to downward directed, triangular point; mirror distinct absent in subsp. helenae, most frequently consisting of an H-shaped figure or another simple figure derived from this, sometimes considerably more complicated and/or marbled, distinctly connected to the base of the lip, dull greyish blue to violet (rarely reddish brown), sometimes with a pale border. Column acute (to obtuse); not tapering towards the base (in side view); stigmatic cavity approximately as wide as long and approximately twice as wide as the anther, with dark or pale, lateral, eye-like knobs at base.


    Native to:

    Albania, Austria, Baleares, Belgium, Bulgaria, Corse, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, East Aegean Is., France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Kriti, Krym, Lebanon-Syria, North Caucasus, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Sardegna, Sicilia, Spain, Switzerland, Transcaucasus, Turkey, Turkey-in-Europe, Turkmenistan, Yugoslavia

    Ophrys sphegodes Mill. appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    United Kingdom 185.000
    United Kingdom 5825.000
    Summerhayes, V.S., United Kingdom 20761.000
    Atkinson, R., United Kingdom 20401.000
    Atkinson, R., United Kingdom 5830.000
    Maude, A.H., France 182.000
    Watson, J.M. [27], Turkey 184.000
    Pennington, T. [s.n.], France 77519.000
    Jannings, E.M., United Kingdom 183.000
    Jones, E., United Kingdom 23201.000
    Goulimy, C.N., Greece 20786.000
    Allison, J.M., United Kingdom 20406.000
    Chesterman, D.D. [253], France 29047.447
    Chesterman, D.D. [254], France 40699.000
    Chesterman, D.D. [155], Italy 40928.000
    Chesterman, D.D. [233], Italy 44318.000
    Chesterman, D.D. [227], Italy 44319.000
    Chesterman, D.D. [237], Italy 44323.000
    Wood, J.J. [306], Italy 39423.000
    Wood, J.J. [252], Greece 39446.000
    Wood, J.J. [303], Italy 39475.000
    Wood, J.J. [342], Italy 39483.000
    Wood, J.J. [332], Italy 39542.000
    Wood, J.J. [341], Italy 39543.000
    Wood, J.J. [333], Italy 39545.000
    Wood, J.J. [329], Italy 39624.000
    Gilmour, J. 33768.000
    Norman, T. [4], Turkey 37047.000
    Worsdell, W.C., United Kingdom 34473.000
    Collins, P.B. [75/003], Italy 41298.000
    Joseph, J. [259], Spain 48804.000
    Joseph, J. [379], Spain 48809.000
    Farrell, L. [s.n.], United Kingdom 56304.000
    Messel, Italy 5820.000
    Bennett, W.F., United Kingdom 5824.000
    Butcher, D. [46], France 76429.000

    First published in Gard. Dict. ed. 8: n.º 8 (1768)

    Accepted by

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