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  1. Family: Rubiaceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Vangueriopsis Robyns
      1. Vangueriopsis lanciflora (Hiern) Robyns

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Tanzania to S. Africa.


    Rubiaceae, D. Bridson. Flora Zambesiaca 5:2. 1998

    Deciduous shrub or much branched small tree (0.9)1.5–6(13) m tall; branches thick and stiff; bark grey, flaking off to expose a brownish-pink or rusty-red underbark; young branches densely grey-pubescent.
    Leaves opposite; blades (1.5)5.3–21.5 × (0.5)1.6–12.5 cm, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, ± rounded or subacute at the apex, rounded to cuneate at the base, markedly discolorous, rather scabrid pubescent above, velvety grey or yellowish tomentose or pubescent beneath, very rarely glabrous; petiole 5–15 mm long; stipules thick, up to 9 mm long, triangular, joined to form a sheath at the base, grey tomentose outside, densely hairy inside, with a thick obtuse subulate apex 8–12 mm long, eventually deciduous.
    Inflorescences densely yellowish velvety pubescent, simply cymose or branched, axillary on the leafless nodes of older branches; cymes several-flowered; bracts 4–6 mm long, lanceolate or subulate; peduncles and secondary branches 10–20 mm long; pedicels very short, or up to 8 mm long.
    Calyx tube 4 × 4 mm, subcampanulate, densely tomentose; lobes erect, 1.5–5.5 mm long, narrowly lanceolate to triangular to oblong-lanceolate, densely tomentose.
    Corolla beaked, elongate, with divaricate tails at apex in bud; whitish or yellow-green, grey tomentose; tube 5 mm long, cylindric, with a ring of deflexed hairs inside; lobes reflexed, 20–25 mm long, linear-lanceolate, glabrous inside, tomentose outside, apiculate at the apex.
    Anthers 2.5–3 mm long, exserted for 5 mm.
    Style green, rather stout, exserted for up to 15 mm, constricted near the apex.
    Pollen presenter
    Pollen presenter 2–2.5 mm long, cylindric, smooth, 2-lobed at the apex.
    Fruit rather like a “medlar”, 2–4 × 1.7–2 cm, or the size of a peach (ex Zimbabwe label), rounded, compressed, didymous or oblique, crowned by the calyx limb, sparsely pubescent, with 1–2 pyrenes; pyrenes up to 21 × 9 mm, narrowly ellipsoid, with a woody wall 1.7 mm thick.



    Native to:

    Angola, Botswana, Caprivi Strip, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Northern Provinces, Tanzania, Zambia, Zaïre, Zimbabwe


    Other Data

    Vangueriopsis lanciflora (Hiern) Robyns appears in other Kew resources:

    Date Reference Identified As Barcode Type Status
    Mar 1, 1925 Kirk, J. [s.n.], Zambia K000412087 Unknown type material
    Mar 1, 1925 Welwitsch [2583], Angola K000412088
    Eyles, F. [1841], Zimbabwe K000315086
    White, F. [3271], Zambia 13913.000
    Gossweiler, J. [2052], Angola K000315083
    Gossweiler, J. [1238], Angola K000315084
    Codd, L.E. [7222], Zambia K000315089
    Lovemore, D.F. [463], Zimbabwe K000315087
    Leach, L.C. [11719], Zimbabwe K000315088
    Richards, H.M. [12870], Zambia K000315090
    Astle, W.L. [4945], Zambia K000315094
    Harder, D.K. [1944], Zambia K000315093
    Gilges, W. [653], Zambia K000315091
    Gilges, W. [864], Zambia K000315092
    Menezes, A. de [737], Angola K000315085


    First published in Bull. Jard. Bot. État Bruxelles 11: 252 (1928)

    Accepted by

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    Flora Zambesiaca
    Flora Zambesiaca

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