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  1. Family: Araceae Juss.
    1. Genus: Anthurium Schott
      1. Anthurium podophyllum (Cham. & Schltdl.) Kunth

        This species is accepted, and its native range is Mexico (Veracruz, Oaxaca).


    CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.

    Endemic to the Atlantic coast of Mexico in Veracruz and Oaxaca. Possibly found in Ecuador.
    "selva mediana subperennifolia."
    General Description
    Usually terrestrial or epipetric, often more than 1 m tall; stems 2.5-3.5 cm diam.; roots descending: cataphylls, coriaceous, 7.5-11 cm long, gradually acuminate at apex, drying medium brown, persisting as linear fibers. LEAVES with petioles erect-spreading, 39-69 cm long, ca. 9 mm diam., D-shaped; geniculum 5 cm long; blades subcoriaceous, broadly ovate, deeply to broadly lobed at base, (3)5-10 pedatisect, the lobes usually 5-12 pinnatifid, fused 8-1O cm at base, 16-47 cm long; the outermost lobes 7.5-27 cm long, auriculate; sinus hippocrepiform to nearly arcuate, rounded at apex; upper surface glossy, lower surface semiglossy; midrib of median lobe raised, rounded, diminished and flat at apex above, raised below; primary lateral veins 2-3 per side, departing midrib at 40° angle, sunken above, raised below; basal veins 3-5 pairs, second and third coalesced to 2 cm, the third and fourth coalesced 3.2 cm; the posterior ribs straight; collective vein arising from the first primary lateral vein, 8-9 mm from the margin, sunken above, raised below. INFLORESCENCE spreading-pendent, longer than leaves; peduncle 38-100 cm long, to 6 mm diam., terete, equal to or longer than petioles; spathe subcoriaceous, yellow-green (B & K Yellow-green 7/7.5), lanceolate, 4.5-9 cm long, 1.6-2.2 cm wide, broadest just above base, acuminate at apex, inserted at 45° angle on peduncle; stipe 9 mm long in front, 5 mm long in back, 4 mm diam.; spadix green, sometimes tinged with purple (B & K Yellow-green 6/5), 4-14 cm long, 7-11 mm diam. at base, 3-5 mm diam. at apex; flowers rhombic, 3.2-4.6 mm long, 2.5-4.6 mm wide, the sides straight to weakly sigmoid; 6-8 flowers visible in the principal spiral, 7-9 flowers visible in the alternate spiral; tepals matte, minutely papillate, lateral tepals 1.2-2.2 mm wide, the inner margins broadly rounded, turned up against pistils; pistil emergent, green; stigma linear, 0.6 mm long, dry, brown, crusty before stamens emerge; stamens emerging in a moderately slow sequence from base, exserted above pistil, then withdrawing, the leading stamens in any phase only a few spirals ahead of succeeding stamens; filament green; anthers white, held over pistil in tight cluster, ca. 0.6 mm in both directions; thecae narrowly ovoid, dark brown, slightly divaricate; pollen cream-colored. INFRUCTESCENCE pendent, spathe persisting; spadix to 4.5 cm diam.; berries dull orange (B & K Yellow-red 7/5), obovoid to obovoid-ellipsoid, rounded at apex, 13-19 mm long, 7-15 mm diam.; mesocarp thick, juicy, orange with small raphide cells; seeds 1 or 2, pale green, flattened, oblong to oblong-obovoid, 9-10 mm long, 5-6 mm wide, 3.3-4.3 mm thick (sometimes with one large almost subterete seed) with appendages at both ends, the lower appendage flattened, about as broad as the seed.


    Native to:

    Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southwest


    Other Data

    Anthurium podophyllum (Cham. & Schltdl.) Kunth appears in other Kew resources:


    First published in Enum. Pl. 3: 80 (1841)

    Accepted by

    • Govaerts, R. & Frodin, D.G. (2002). World Checklist and Bibliography of Araceae (and Acoraceae): 1-560. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
    • Govaerts, R. (1995). World Checklist of Seed Plants 1(1, 2): 1-483, 1-529. MIM, Deurne.


    CATE Araceae
    Haigh, A., Clark, B., Reynolds, L., Mayo, S.J., Croat, T.B., Lay, L., Boyce, P.C., Mora, M., Bogner, J., Sellaro, M., Wong, S.Y., Kostelac, C., Grayum, M.H., Keating, R.C., Ruckert, G., Naylor, M.F. and Hay, A., CATE Araceae, 17 Dec 2011.

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